Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Giveaway Winners!

Oh man was this hard! Every story I received was so precious. From the unsurmountable struggles that face relationships and the climbing of those mountains to stories about the heartbreak that led back to the true love I've been overwhelmed!!! I wish I could pick so many winners, at least a few but unfortunately I am to choose one.

I would like to share a few snippets of Zach and Kara's story along with their wedding plans with you...

"...we both have vivid memories of spotting the other across campus before we actually met. Our connection was instant and we could not stop talking to each other. We dated for about three months before breaking up (fiery passion can also lead to passionate arguments). I think that we felt such strong feelings for each other that it was scary.... After about a year of being apart, Zach and I were back together, even though ALL of our friends thought that it was a terrible idea. We haven't left each other's side since...For our wedding we are going back to Savannah, the most beautiful place we know! Our wedding will be in Forsyth PArk in the late afternon, surrounded by Spanish moss, some of the oldest trees in America, a beautiful fountain, and our closest friends and family. Zach and I love flea markets and anything vintage. Our wedding will be filled with sunny colors and sweet vintage elements, like delicate lace oilies around the bouquets and thrifted rhinestone necklaces arund the bridesmaid's necks. I am also incorporating vintage milk glass and decorative plates with feminine motifs into handmade cake stands for centerpieces (Kara's Blog with her DIY Wedding adventures). I think they will be beautiful grouped in the center of the tables with bud vases and topped with candles. Our wedding will be like us... champagne dreams on a tiny beer budget, with a lot of creative thinking, vintage bargain hunting, and beautiful handmade elements, together we will make it happen and it will be the most perfect day in the world."
Congrats Zach & Kara!!! I am so excited to meet you and begin getting to know you both! Thank you for sharing your story with me and inviting me into capturing your love and the celebration of your relationship!

beautiful engagement session by the amazingly talented Amber Engfer!!

Thanks to each of you for your wonderful and beautiful entries, stories, photographs... I pray your wedding days will be blessed and absolutely more amazing than you could have ever dreamed!!!

katee grace


  1. Congratulations! These are going to be beautiful pics and I love the design of the wonderful! I cannot wait to see these pictures! So fun! xoxo Bethany

  2. Wow, what a great couple this is! Congratulations and what a fun way to start your wedding planning by winning a contest!