Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daisy Love's Father Speaks...

In the midst of pain and the fires of this world, the father of precious Daisy's father shares where our hope comes from during the midst of pain, when our heart's are overwhelmed...

The difference in faith theoretically and faith truly lived out and experienced...

I believe you will be compelled, encouraged, and humbled by the love and power of God.

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed from Reality on Vimeo.

katee grace

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Please Pray for Daisy Love...

Prayer for my Pastor's LIttle Girl...
Yesterday afternoon the unexpected happened... my Pastor's little girl fell and what seemed to be a ruptured kidney turned out to be a tumor...
Their oncologist said that he is 80% sure that Daisy has a Wilms’ Tumor.
That is a malignant tumor. It is cancer but a highly curable form.
They will operate thursday and depending on the size of the tumor they will either take it all out or just some of it.
Daisy will have to have chemo therapy either way.
The doctors have determined that it would be better skip the biopsy and go strait to the surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor is the size of a large orange. The good news is that the tumor has not involved the vena cava, but it is not clear how much or if it involves other organs or arteries. It appears close to the Aorta. The surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning at 7:15am. Reality Carp will be hosting a prayer meeting all day on Thursday beginning at 6am. Daisy is in good spirits considering. Britt and Kate (Dad & Mom) are experiencing supernatural peace that only Almighty God can give.

Please pray that…

The tumor would shrink away from any organs and arteries

Daisy would continue to be stable while awaiting surgery

The surgeon would be able to access and remove ALL of the tumor

Continued peace for Britt & Kate

katee grace

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Sklar | Beautiful Solvang Wedding |

I'm so excited!! | Thank You for your patience! | Presenting---

Sweet Slideshow!!! |

Much Love & Many Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sklar!!

katee grace

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alexandra + Matt | Solvang, CA

Oh just a sneak peak but I am so so so excited about Alexandra & Matt's wedding photographs from last Saturday that I had to share a sneak peak with you! I wish I could show you the full slideshow right now but there just hasn't been enough time! OH SHEESH!!! BUT I hope these yummy pieces of beautiful eye candy will tide you over until then... I had the pleasure and honor to shoot this wedding with Janelle Stephanie and boy is she a doll! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chris + Genevieve Engaged | Santa Barbara, California

Oh My.. I laughed so hard shooting with Genevieve and Chris yesterday! We headed to the bluffs and grabbed some beautiful photographs! I absolutely loved the bicycle time and resting in the tall grass!

I had a few ideas for this sweet couple as I wanted their engagement photographs to really speak of them... we brought in a few props, snuck away from Labor Day festivities and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and captured these images!!!

They're sweet slideshow was wonderful to put together and I know you'll ENJOY! :)

Genevieve + Chris' Sweet Sweet Slideshow!!

I am so so so excited about your engagement photographs and being such a special part of your October wedding!!!

katee grace :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rob & Karen!!!

Congrats Rob & Karen!! Here's a sneak peak at the beautiful wedding celebration this past Saturday... Janelle Bosko & I headed over to a really sweet spot in Santa Barbara to capture some beautiful images for Karen & Rob, who were so sweet and such a fun couple! I am so excited for your life together!!!

katee grace :)