Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Please Pray for Daisy Love...

Prayer for my Pastor's LIttle Girl... http://prayfordaisy.tumblr.com/
Yesterday afternoon the unexpected happened... my Pastor's little girl fell and what seemed to be a ruptured kidney turned out to be a tumor...
Their oncologist said that he is 80% sure that Daisy has a Wilms’ Tumor.
That is a malignant tumor. It is cancer but a highly curable form.
They will operate thursday and depending on the size of the tumor they will either take it all out or just some of it.
Daisy will have to have chemo therapy either way.
The doctors have determined that it would be better skip the biopsy and go strait to the surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor is the size of a large orange. The good news is that the tumor has not involved the vena cava, but it is not clear how much or if it involves other organs or arteries. It appears close to the Aorta. The surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning at 7:15am. Reality Carp will be hosting a prayer meeting all day on Thursday beginning at 6am. Daisy is in good spirits considering. Britt and Kate (Dad & Mom) are experiencing supernatural peace that only Almighty God can give.

Please pray that…

The tumor would shrink away from any organs and arteries

Daisy would continue to be stable while awaiting surgery

The surgeon would be able to access and remove ALL of the tumor

Continued peace for Britt & Kate

katee grace


  1. OH MY WORD! This is Britt's daughter. I'm at a loss for words.

    Thank you for sharing this. I will keep her in prayer!!!!

  2. Oh Praises Praises... She's awake and they've removed all of the cancer!!!