Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freedom + Colors!!!

All about COLOR!!! Oh My!!! These colors make me so happy! With Sunshine on the Westcoast there's still rain in the MidWest but these colors will brighten up any occasion! Whether it's your wedding day or a beautiful backyard shower with your 20 closest friends these colors will set your emotions on a electric high full of sunshine and butterflies, or seashells and peonies :)

Don't forget to get your entry for Katee Grace's FREE Wedding Giveaway!!! You are unique and so is your story--- Capturing my couple's uniquely beautiful day and uniquely beautiful love is a privilege and a passion that I cherish so so much!

peace to you,
katee grace


  1. i love your new blog. this is new site, yes? new style? very pretty!! a great idea on a give away!! i did that once back in 2002 during a wedding fair. it was overwhelmingly well received because where i announced it, i think. how are you doing on that? i didn't get any other wedding leads from that, which i was hoping for, but i got two...i think it was two family portrait sessions instead (besides the big winner, of course!). how have you been? we must get together soon since i'm almost better. i was sick and hibernted for two months :-(

  2. We just absolutely adore these colors and this spread! - Lollipop Events & Designs