Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Giveaway Deadline: TOMORROW at midnight!

Happy Friday!!! Oh and it's a beautiful day! Aromatic and beautiful flowers in bloom and the sun shining, what more could a girl ask for ;)

I have so enjoyed reading all your heartwarming and unique and precious stories of your love stories over the last couple weeks!!! I am anxious for the deadline as I know the final entries will be coming in tomorrow (tomorrow by midnight Pacific Time is the deadline ladies!).

Thanks so much for taking time to share your unique story and beautiful relationship between you and your love! Most unique and moving description of your story / wedding will be announced in August for the Wedding Giveaway Winner!
Click here for the details of submitting your story! (No brides or couple's have "better" stories, I'm looking for you to describe the uniqueness and find your uniqueness and how you are incorporating your uniqueness in your wedding!:)
Cherishing the Beauty of Uniqueness

katee grace

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  1. What? Oh! I must have missed this one... hope I can catch the next giveaway!

    Looks great!