Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alex + Amanda

I met up with Alex + Amanda this evening and grabbed these fabulous shots! 

They are a super sweet and fun couple, down for anything and just all around comfortable people! 

Here's a sneak peek into our wonderful though brief time together this evening.

I love photographing couples. There's something about being with the person you love, the person you're about to spend the rest of your life with that just relaxes you and brings out your beauty so uniquely and wonderfully.

Alex + Amanda, you rock! Really loved hanging with you today!


  1. Katee - these are beautiful!!

  2. what a beautiful location for engagement photos!
    And what a beautiful looking couple to shoot too!
    excellent all the way around!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lindsay & for your sweet comment! :)

    Jewls: Thank You! I'm glad you enjoyed! I love this location, it's my new favorite, for the couple's that it would fit their personalities of course.

    Chrissy: Thanks for stopping by! I just love your vision and love having you over for a visit! :)