Thursday, May 7, 2009

Santa Barbara Fires

For those of you who know, we are experiencing another round of terrible fires in Santa Barbara. 
I pray that those who have lost their homes would be comforted and that we as a community would come alongside one another and really come together for our neighbors. I personally evacuated to some friend's home though my home is thankfully in no harm, I was in an evacuation warning. Due to the ash falling like snow from the sky and the terribly loud noise of helicopters flying overhead to load up with water I found shelter among friends. 

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  1. miss katie g,
    wada happen to ya other blog? you had a good thing going with that one, yes? anyway, i'm back in the states, thought i had to worry about H1N1, but instead this Jesusita Fire came out of nowhere!! hope you are alright in this stressful smokey days.
    more later,