Monday, June 15, 2009

Child Hope

Yesterday I had the incredible honor to meet a gathering of people who love the people of Haiti. Child Hope is an organization that rescues children from the ravines and slums of Haiti where they've lived a life of begging and slavery. Driving down to Manhattan Beach with a photo album capturing the images of laughter and peace that these precious kids have experienced since calling Maison de Lumiere home are such a testimony to the impact of love and attention of the staff, as well as the love of God.
We ate traditional Haitian food consisting of beans and rice and a chicken stew and listened as Bill and Suzette, family running and living Maison de Lumiere, shared stories of triumphs and miracles. Meeting the numerous people who love Haiti and love God was such a wonderful experience, for which I am so grateful...

This is an amazing organization that is doing wonderful things for the families of Haiti.. Educating, feeding, housing, loving, comforting, rehabilitating, etc... This is a wonderful wonderful wonderful organization to be involved with!!! :)
Go check out their website and see where your heart moves you.

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