Monday, June 1, 2009

GirlsInc. and Mentor Program

Last week I had the wonderful privilege to work with Girls Inc. on their altruistic and passionate endeavors to strengthen and encourage girls to be the women they were created to be through their program "Take Our Daughters To Work." It was really incredible! I was paired up with two really sweet and talented girls whose view of the business of photography had been much like mine at their age so it was really neat to just give them guidance and encouragement to do what they are passionate about as well as ardently pursuing how to bless people through their passion.

After I had lunch with Stephanie and Jocey we headed out to meet our fun-lovin' and super cute couple Evan + Laura. I set up a mock engagement session with this couple who though they are not engaged are very sweet and super fun and knew they would be the perfect couple for this endeavor.

Encouraging these two sweet girls to just pursue those things that they were created for and that they were created for something as well as sharing my own experience and love for photography was truly an honor and something that I'll always cherish and pray that they will live the lives they were meant to live, in freedom and passionately. Being able to share with these girls just the love I've found through serving people in photography needs and the greater love I gain for each couple as I meet with them and talk with them and photograph their moments, really inspiring to me just to share the joy and love I experience in my work.

Here's Stephanie & Joceyln's beautiful work with Laura & Evan, so cool that they were up for just about anything, including pretending to be part of the Swiss Family Robinson's climbinb in trees! I love that they honestly do goof around and climb trees even before "J" suggested they take a climb! (Me and the girls talked about trying to bring the people's personalities out in the photographs we take of them... so cool to see their imagination and creativity!!)

I am so impressed and thankful for this program and look forward to working with their mentor program in the future and encourage you as well to share and connect with Girls Inc or another local mentor program that's reaching out to the kids of our communities so they can feel loved and valued and encouraged in their dreams... Encouraging one another in our dreams and those things we were created to do is so so necessary!!! Encouraging our friends and others in our communities makes a vital difference.

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