Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Showers as Tea Parties?

Okay Ladies!!! I worked with my sweet friend Jewls to create some ideas for inspiration ideas for you.
Whether it's your best friend's shower or your daughter's shower or a special dinner for your bridal party or if it's you're summertime, beautifully elegant wedding, here's some inspiration for you!
Making every detail beautiful---


  1. Gorgeous! You ladies are masters, I tell you. The photography is beautiful, and the layout/setting is perfect. Bravo!

  2. Thanks Jenn!!! :)
    Love that you stopped by! :)

  3. Love this place. This backyard is my favorite place to rest and it is so inviting. You captured Jules masterpeices perfectly. You are awesome!

  4. So beautiful, so restful and so INVITING!!! I hope you girls enjoyed your tea party after taking the photos!!

  5. no matter the subject, it's true beauty and magnificence can only be captured by the one standing behind the lens who understands the same.
    when we view your work while the subject matter may be beautiful it's your heart and delight in capturing that moment that makes it so wonderful and takes our breath away!
    I love your art Katee Grace.